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Monday, April 30, 2012

local postal art from: ELKE GRUNDMANN

I wish I had more of Elke's work here in Berlin from my archives in the USA but this will have to do. Great things made with what seems to be found objects or paper and found photos. I like the found photos or random photos as it reminds me of a similar thing that I have done in the past where I took all my old photos from the closet and turned them into random image postcards that created their own stories by the beholder after they where sent through the mail. I have many photo postcards from Berlin based Elke Grundmann in the archives but the other postcards have a great character and look as well.

"Untitled", postdated 4.2012

"Berlin", sent 2012

"For a happy new 2012!", 9.12.2011

"Negatives Aus Berlin", 19.3..2012

"Vorsicht Glas!", 27.10.2011


I have been receiving works from D C Spaulding for about a year now but I only have three very interesting postcards here in the collection in Berlin at the moment. I often want to say "Hooray for Captain Spaulding" or think of a greyer Spaulding "Swimming to Cambodia", but this"D C Spaulding" is an another cup of tea all together. Yes, "what is this artist doing?"...

"Express Delivery Suitcase Terror!", postmarked 18.1.2012 sent from Lomita California

"Mail Art Migration 2010", postmarked 12.3.2012 sent from Lomita California

"The Care and Cleaning of Mail Art", postmarked 15.12.2011 sent from Lomita California

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Postcards from Grandma

 So perhaps postcards from grand mother may not be really considered to be art but they are still sent through the post. When any piece is sent though the mail the postal system adds unique qualities, like bend corners, postal stamps, barcodes, labels ect. Now I know my grandmother isn't making an art statement on sending postcards but there is an artistic side to all of this and perhaps some of the art is that which never intends to be art. I am not trying to say these pieces are like a postcard from On Karawa either but I find them interesting in the "art sense" just the same.

"Peinture de Catherine Gallian Sait-Claire" sent by June Jakubowski, 2.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Mendenhall Glacier", sent by June Jakubowski, 23.2.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Blue Morpho (Morpho Peleides)", send by June Jakubowski, 18.4.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Curacao", sent by June Jakubowski, 21.3.2012, sent from Aruba

Saturday, April 28, 2012

John M Bennett: Experimental Text, Sound & Visual Poet

Here is a large collection of six months of groups of poetry and art sent by John M Bennett. These pieces where sent to me between October 2011 and April 2012, here in Berlin Germany and the old address in Lancaster Pennsylvania. John is based out of Columbus Ohio but was born in 1942 in Chicago. The works that he has done as well as collaborations are a great example art/poetry which looks like to some sort of neo dada, fluxus, absurdist works & some of it even makes me thing of the Situationists. He runs his own DIY press called "Luna Bison Prods" which publishes it works in flyer and small zine formats.

collaboration between John M Bennett & Baron 2011



"THE SWEETNESS OF LANDER CREAM", Blaster AL Ackerman & Hacks John M Bennett


Darlene Altschul 2012, sent by John M Bennett 2.2012

"XVI Performance Dreams" 2012

"Fingered Toad" 2012

John M Bennett, Matthew Stolte & C Mehrl Bennett 2011

"March Poems" C Mehrl Bennett 2012

"X BOOM X" 2012

"Each Coughing Meat Song" John M Bennett & Baron 2011

"LU OS" Mc Murtagh & John Bennett 2011

"Zulu obody", Jesse Freeman 2012

"Time's a mask", John M Bennett & Serse Luigetti, 2012
"NSUS", Serse Luigetti & John M Bennett 2012
Collaboration, Blaster, Bennett, Mountain & Altschul, 2012
John M Bennett & K S Ernst 2012

"Sloth Gorge", Mc Murtagh & John M Bennett, 2012

"Sans me Connaitre clam leak throat", John M Bennett, cover by Guido Vermeulen, 2012