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Monday, April 30, 2012

local postal art from: ELKE GRUNDMANN

I wish I had more of Elke's work here in Berlin from my archives in the USA but this will have to do. Great things made with what seems to be found objects or paper and found photos. I like the found photos or random photos as it reminds me of a similar thing that I have done in the past where I took all my old photos from the closet and turned them into random image postcards that created their own stories by the beholder after they where sent through the mail. I have many photo postcards from Berlin based Elke Grundmann in the archives but the other postcards have a great character and look as well.

"Untitled", postdated 4.2012

"Berlin", sent 2012

"For a happy new 2012!", 9.12.2011

"Negatives Aus Berlin", 19.3..2012

"Vorsicht Glas!", 27.10.2011

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