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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mail Art Correspondence with Wolfgang Skodd of Dortmund Germany

I perhaps started postal art correspondence with Wolfgang Skodd maybe a year and a half ago when I was living in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in Kensington. Since I moved to Berlin I have kept trading postal art with him and he sends very nice Fluxus postcards. I think being in the same country now and Dortmund isn't too far away makes it much easier for the correspondence, plus we each now save money on postage. Here is some of the most recent ones I have collected between November 2011 and April 2012.

"Hello David! Have a nice day", 21.1.2012

"The Stars that we are!", 15.1.2012

"Gute Zeiten für Engel, (Merry X-mas everyboday!)", 13.12.2011

"Face -Painting 1993", 10.3.2012

"Dear Dave..." 24.2.2012

"Language is a virus, Quelle: Amnesty Intern, 12.2011", 9.2.2012

"ART = COMMUNICATION", 27.1.2012

"Doppelmoppel", 9.3.2012

"School of Correspondance", 15.2.2012

"Ohne Loch kein Netz, oder: Zen ist angesagt. Quelle: artic-Ausstellung Künstlerhaus Dortmund", 22.2.2012

For More information on Wolfgang Skodd check out his blog at:

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