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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More various mail sent from around the world.

"Edition Janus", sent by Eberhard Janke, 2.3.2012, Berlin Germany

"Add & Pass..." collaboration by David Stanley Aponte, Massimo Medola & Eric Thompson, sent by Maurizia Carantani, 29.12.2011, sent from Bergano Italy

"Untitled (letter)", Antonio Cano Krüger, 3.2012, (Krügerland) Lima Peru

"GREETINGS FROM...", Massimo Medola, 2.2012, Bologna Italy

"Paper Headlines", Serse Luigetti, 13.2.2012, Perugia Italy

"Untitled", Goop Mail Art, 6.2.2012, Ottawa Canada

"Blessings from the Roman Catholic Cathedral...", sent by Leslie Ferry, 21.3.2012, sent from Aruba

"#211 Curacao", sent by Linda Hashemi, 21.3.2012, sent from Aruba

"Season's Greetings", sent by Andria Matlock, 21.12.2011, Fort Worth Texas

"WHERE IS AI WEIWEI?", Angela Behrendt, 10.11.2011, Hannover Germany

"Sub- #3711", collaboration by David Stanley Aponte & Alan Brignull, 2011, sent from Essex Great Britain

"Amsterdam Centraal", buZ blurr, 27.12.2011, sent from Gurdon Arkansas

"Keep in touch", Pedro Bericat (MUTE SOUND), 2011, Zaragoza Spain

"Mail Art Magazine" sent by Jose Roberto Sechi,  11.2011, Brazil

"Let me tell you... Thank you very, very much. Enclosed is: "Other $", Please do not peel apart. Respond by: thousands.." sent by ???, 2012, sent from Chicago Illinois

"Untitled" sent by Mete Sarabi, 15.11.2011, sent from Turkey

"PREOCCUPIED" sent by Marguerite E Keen, 23.11.2011, Lancaster Pennsylvania

"Hello..." Miguel Jimenez, 2012, Seville Spain

"SELF PORTRAIT IN STUDIO PHOTO", Dante Celia, 24.12.2011, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Merry Christmas!", sent by Heather Celeste Gunn, 28.11.2011, sent from Independence Missouri

"FLUXUS bucks EXPRESS", sent by ex posto facto, 16.1.2012, Garland Texas

"Untitled" sent by Victor, 5.11.2011, Providence Rhode Island

"Woman", Cristian Sima, 22.3.2012, Romania

"Expresse", FRIPS, 30.1.2012, Gent Belgium

"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" sent by T-Bone, 23.1.2012, sent from Minneapolis Minnesota

"ART, MUSIC, TEXTS, ECT. BY JUSTIN DUERR", set by Geraldine Lavin, 1.2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Happy Holidays..." sent by Rachel Yorro & Hunter Yoder, 28.12.2011, sent from Bristol Pennsylvania

"THE DAVID STANLEY APONTE MAIL ART GERMANY EDITION" (#6 of 11), Amie Carson, 9.2.2012, Dallas Texas

"Untitled" (male art), John Paul, 24.3.2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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