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Monday, April 16, 2012

Postal art from all over the world!

"Aleksandr I Solahenitsyn", from Square Peg Artery, 7.4.2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Hallo David!", Christian Pietzke, 13.4.2012, Berlin Germany

"FLUXUS", from Nico Van Hoorn, 19.3.2012 The Netherlands

"Greetings", from Phillip J Mellen, 2011 USA

"CEDAR HEARTWOOD", from Jokie X Wilson, 6.4.2012 San Francisco California

"HAPPY EASTER!", Erich Sündermann, 4.4.2012 Vienna Austria
"Untitled", Karin Greenwood, 2012, South Africa

"DER RICHTER (Gerhard) UND SEIN HENKER (Andreas). Now on stage!!!", Andreas Küng, 8.3.2012, Berlin Germany 

"Holland America Line", from June Jakubowski, 8.3.2012, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Bunny for Dave", Angela Behrendt, 2012, Hannover Germany

"Rare Earth", Elke Grundman, 12.3.2012, Berlin Germany

"David Hello",  Thompson, 4.2012, Clearwater Florida

"Hallo David", Lothar Trott, 3.5.2012, Zürich Switzerland

"Aber, ist es Kunst?", Wolfgang Skodd, 1.3.2012, Dortmund Germany

"HAPPY VALENTINE DAY", Lubomyr Tymkiv, 2.2012, Lviv Ukraine

"DOG RIDING ON THE ROOF", sent by Rev. Dr. Edwin D Aponte, 5.4.2012, Lancaster Pennsylvania

"WERE STAN AND OLLIE ANARCHISTS?", from Readers Digress!, 29.2.2012, Plymouth UK

Readers Digress!
c/o 15 Dartington Walk

"Good Work Fluxus Andreas Hofer by Ben Vautier (France)", sent by Roland Halbritter, 2012, Nuedlingen Germany

"Untitled", Sky City, 2012, Hickory North Carolina

"Hello Berlin!", from Alana Bograd, 5.4.2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"TEXT 08/32", Vladimir Jakushonok, 21.3.2012, Riga Latvia

"Untitled", Marni Zainodin, 2012, Malaysia

"THE SST*/THE STEEL STATION" poems sent by David Stone, 13.1.2012, Baltimore Maryland

"Media Junky, Issue 16 Fall 2011" sent by Jason Rodgers, 2011 New Hamshire USA
Media Junky
c/o Jason Rodgers
PO Box 138
Wilton, NH
03086 USA

"ARTE X CORREO", from Alicia Gil, 11.1.2012, Vigo Spain

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