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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Postcards from Grandma

 So perhaps postcards from grand mother may not be really considered to be art but they are still sent through the post. When any piece is sent though the mail the postal system adds unique qualities, like bend corners, postal stamps, barcodes, labels ect. Now I know my grandmother isn't making an art statement on sending postcards but there is an artistic side to all of this and perhaps some of the art is that which never intends to be art. I am not trying to say these pieces are like a postcard from On Karawa either but I find them interesting in the "art sense" just the same.

"Peinture de Catherine Gallian Sait-Claire" sent by June Jakubowski, 2.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Mendenhall Glacier", sent by June Jakubowski, 23.2.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Blue Morpho (Morpho Peleides)", send by June Jakubowski, 18.4.2012, sent from Bethlehem Pennsylvania

"Curacao", sent by June Jakubowski, 21.3.2012, sent from Aruba

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