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Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready-made Postcards: Sent out by David Stanley Aponte

When I was out in Lancaster Pennsylvania to either visit my folks or teach at EMU, I often would go to this one antique store on Queen Street that had this nice older gay couple who ran it. They always had discount vintage postcards in a box and I would grab all these postcards and re-use them to send out as postal art. These became my "ready-made" postcard series using these very interesting classic images from around the world. Now I don't remember anyone who I sent this postcards too but I scanned in 33 of them into the computer and sent the original postcards out in the year 2011 mainly from Philadelphia Pennsylvania when I lived at the Hex Factory. They make me think of postcards that On Karawa sent out a little but but the images I picked are a bit more strange and random.

The Dividing of the Trails at Trout Run, Pennsylvania

Melrose Abbey from the East

Halfmoon Bay, Gananoque, Ontario Canada

Natural Bridge of Virginia

Delft, Vrouwenrecht

Deer Herd (Pennsylvania White Tail)

Torrington Square


Old Fort Henry

Il Castel dell'Uovo col mare in burrasca
Granada Catedral Sepulcros de los Reyes

Hwy 400 at Hwy 90 Barrie Ontario

For more than a century, a statue of the good King Gambrinus - legendary monarch of brewing - reigned at the Pabst hom brewery in Milwaukee.


Dining Room, John Knox's House

Pisa Galleria delle Catene
Jenny Wade was the first civilian killed during the three-day battle of Gettysburg

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Abbotsford, The Entrance Hall

Black Bears, Yellowstone National Park

Bridge over the breachway at Weekapaug Rhode Island

Laurelville Church Center Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania
Athenes. Theatre de Bacchus, vue interieure.

A modern Super Highway Thru the Grandeur of Autumn

Spar Deck, USF Constitution


Battle Cannon, State House, Montpelier, VT

Cartagena Colombia Castillo de San Felipe

268 a. Temple Church


Twenty-four pounder long gun, USF Constitution

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