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Monday, May 7, 2012

Various International Mail & Art!

Here is yet another group of mail & art from around the world. Much of these where sent to me here in Berlin Germany but a few where sent to Lancaster Pennsylvania and where forwarded to me.

"Untitled", sent by Ambassade D'Utopia, 23.11.2011, Guivry France

"Untitled", sent by FRIPS, 10.11.2011, Gent Belgium

"Untitled",FRIPS, 10.11.2011, Gent Belgium

add & pass, sent by FRIPS collaboration with Moreno Menarin, 2011

"Untitled", Andrew Maximilian Niss, 29.2.2012, Hanerau Hademarschen, Germany

"Make Art Not War", Christian Pietzke, 23.4.2012, Berlin Germany

"Fluxus Dortmund", Wolfgang Skodd, 23.4.2012, Dortmund Germany

"Untitled", Miguel Jimenez, 20.4.2012, Sevilla Spain

"Paper", Serse Luigetti, 9.12.2011, Perugia Italy

"WR Mail Art Nr. 2351", Rainer Wieczorek, 19.1.2012, Berlin Germany

"Untitled", Marni Zainodin, 17.11.2011, Pahang Maylaysia

"Greetings! Merry Christmas", Massimo Medola, 12.12.2011, Bologna Italy

"Untitled", Brandon Green, 2011, sent from Draper Utah

"Es steht schlecht. Leider. Barbie verliert gegen elektronisches Spielzeug (It is bad. Unfortunately. Barbie loses against electronic toys)", Angela Behrendt, 22.4.2012, Hannover Germany

"Postcard", Jody Lew, 21.4.2012, San Tan Valley Arizona

"the man from Yugoslavia", D V Nikt, 2012, sent from Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Projexorcism/Sky City cd, 2011, (interesting experimental music at times makes me think of music by groups such as Throbbing Gristle and Negativland. It also makes me think of lesser know American experimental groups such as Justice League of Adversaries, Yarn of the Moonfruit, MFM)
Other side of Projexorcism/Sky City cd, sent by Sky City, 25.10.2011, Hickory North Carolina

"Untitled", C Z Lovecraft, 3.1.2010, West Port Massachusetts

"Untitled", sent by C Z Lovecraft, 2011, West Port Massachusetts

"The Cascade", poem by David Stone, 16.4.2012, Baltimore Maryland

"Untitled (random pieces of paper)", Lee Goldberg, 2011, Bell Canyon California

"Untitled, (intaglio print)" Katie van Vliet, 2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Untitled, (Match book cover, intaglio print)" Katie van Vliet, 2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Untitled" Katie van Vliet, 2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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