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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aus dem Post-Kunst Tresor

Well this yet another group of mail art sent to me here in Berlin and some backlog of undocumented works sent to the old address in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It is a nice group of work by various artists and people.

Sometimes some of the best artwork I see in a month are the works I get in the mail. Often times the mail art is more exciting and more interesting then much new works I see in museums and galleries sometimes. So each day is wonder to find a new exhibition in the postbox.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany, 27.6.2012

"Alien II", Christian Pietzke, 3.6.2012, Berlin Germany

"Sub- #5145", Moan Lisa & David Stanley Aponte collaboration, 5.2012, Germany/USA

"Untitled", Edumnd Kratzer, 2012, Catasauqua Pennsylvania

"Letter", "Untitled xerox on paper", DVD and stills from the DVD,Truman Bentley Jr, 2011, Columbus Georgia

"letter", "Untitled linocut print on paper", & photo documentation from Postal art Rubber Stamp Session with David Stanley Aponte, Elke Grundmann, Ottmar Bergman & Rainer Wieczorek on 24.4.2012 in Berlin Germany. Mail sent by Elke Grundmann 15.6.2012, Berlin Germany

"Untitled", Miguel Jimenez, 21.6.2012, Sevilla Spain

"Jill Tarlow", Jokie X Wilson, 15.6.2012, San Francisco California

"letter", "Stamps" & "Untitled", sent by Marina Salmaso, 14.1.2012, Denmark

"Letter", "Postcard" & "Money art", Angela Behrendt, 13.6..2012, Hannover Germany

"letter", "Venus von Arheilgen, Neolithikum ca. 5,000 v. chr." & "postage stamp", sent by Roland Halbritter, 27.3.2012, Nuedlingen Germany

"1 min.", Bo Kim, 31.5.2012, Seoul South Korea

"Letter" & "Untitled", Antonio Cano Krüger, 4.5.2012, Lima Peru

"Make Love, no Money!", Ottmar Bergmann, 6.6.2012, Lönsboda Sweden

"Padiglione Tibet, Cerimonia per il compleanno del Dalai Lama", sent by Ruggero Maggi, 2012, Milano Italy

"various untitled pieces", by HADDOCK, 2012, Eugene Oregon

"Grant" & "various untitled pieces", by Alex Cabral, 2011, Curitiba Brazil

"REcall/Lot 41" & "Untitled", Eberhard Janke, 25.5.2012, Berlin Germany

"Untitled" Eric Thompson, 12.6.2012, Clearwater Florida

"Untitled", Lothar Trott, 7.6.2012, Zürich Switzerland

"Untitled", Sbietti Stefano, 6.2012, Arezzo Italy

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