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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Berlin Based Postal Artist: Christian Pietzke, Teil 1

I first started receiving mail from Christian Pietzke two years ago, when I lived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. After moving to Berlin I was able to meet him in person. Christian is a pretty cool guy, he gre up in the DDR and he use to be a school teacher, teaching art to kids. He is well read in art and know a lot about postal art history. He has lived in the same apartment building for the last 30 years in Prenzlauerberg and today he works part time at a used book store.

I love the varies work he makes and sends and since I moved to Berlin he sends the most post of anyone I know at the moment. He also often sends postcards of German artists, especially DDR artists so I can broaden my knowledge of German art.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany, 30.6.2012

"Untitled", 28.1.2012

"DENK-ZETTEL 209 by Joseph W Huber", sent by Christian Pietzke, 28.1.2012

"Spring 2012", 2.3.2012

"Wainting for Spring Beginning...", 28.2.2012

"Untitled", 19.3.2012

"Untitled", 27.12.2011

"Untitled", 27.3.2012

"Erstres Kulmbacher", sent by Christian Pietzke, 6.3.2012

"Waiting For Spring", 12.3.2012

"Untitled", 22.1.2012

"Am Dom Berlin", 22.1.2012

"Comic", 19.1.2012

"Untitled", 2012

"Time is Art and Art is Limited", 27.1.2012

"Self Portrait as Art Teacher" (1988), 30.1.2012

"Landshaft bei Rom, by Erich Heckel", sent by Christian Pietzke, 21.5.2012

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