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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More postal art from here and there - "Great things come in the mail!"

This is a nice randomly selected group of postal art I have uploaded. Many of the artists shown below are very well know in the postal art world but I have also included pieces sent by friends of mine who have kept in contact over the years through the post like ReAnna Wolf who is and old friend I knew from when I lived in Philadelphia who over the years has sent my quite a handful of interesting postal art. Ewa Maselek, was briefly one of my students when I was a TA for Tony Rosati's Intaglio class when I was working on my masters in fine art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Ewa's work always interested me as it was always full of creativity that was unpolluted by the Academy.

Some of these artists I am in constant contact with, trading mail pieces, especially since I have moved to Europe. I often get mail from Nico van Hoorn and soon I plan to do a special online post of just postal art sent to me by this Nijmegen, Netherlands based artist. I also often get works from Serse Luigetti, Erich Sundermann, Wolfgang Skodd, Eric Thompson (who's collage work is amazing and quite frequent), and I have so much work from Christian Pietzke that Iw ill have to do four special editions of posting his work on this sight to document all of which I have so far.

Bo Kim is a great video and conceptual artist based in Seoul, South Korea who I had the pleasure of getting my masters in the same class as her at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Bo's work is always full of a lot of energy and recently I started receiving mail art from her.

I always try to include work by Angela Behrendt who sends mail often and I did a special post on this site of just here work (I have her Kurt Schwitters piece framed at the flat as well since I am such a fan of Schwitters and both Kurt and Angela hail from Hannover Germany).

Recently I had the pleasure to meet Elke Grundmann in person at a postal artist stamp meeting session at her flat with postal artists Rainer Wieczorek (Germany) and Ottmar Bergmann (Sweden). It was a good stamp session and we all collaborated on many works. The piece shown below by Elke was sent the day after this meeting. Elke Grundmann keeps some of the best documented postal art archives I have seen where everything is kept on a large shelf in alphabetical order by artist and country.

Later this month I will continue to upload the backlog from the old mail bag before I start to continue to archive my collection of postal art sent to me.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany, 20.6.2012

"Mona & Lisa", Serse Luigetti, 25.5.2012

"Statue of Liberty - Cudjo's Cave", sent by ReAnna Wolfe, 22.5.2012

"Berlin", Roland Halbritter, 24.5.2012, Nuedlingen Germany

"Stranger in the Night", Erich Sündermann, 13.5.2012, Wien Austria

"Sammelbilder, Serie-Überschätzte Markenware, Elke Grundmann, 13.5.2012, Berlin Germany

"mail art is a form of psychic nomadism", Eric Thompson, 17.5.2012, Clearwater Florida

"The Human Project", DJ Classy, 22.3.2012

"Alien I", Christian Pietzke, 2.6.2012, Berlin Germany

"A gift... from Hannover to Berlin", Angela Behrendt, 31.5.2012, Hannover Germany

"Untitled", Ewa Maselek, 22.5.2012, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"Arte em todos os sentidos -Arte em transito", sent by Paulo Bruscky, 3.1.2012, Recife Brazil

"Self Portrait", Wolfgang Skodd, 16.5.2012, Dortmund Germany

"Berlin", Nico van Hoorn, 13.5.2012, Nijmegen Netherlands

"Untitled", Marni Zainodin, 9.12.2011, Pahang Malaysia

"No. 17", sent by KRABBE, 12.2011, Spain

"Untitled", Valery Shimanovsky, 30.1.2012

"Untitled", Bo Kim, 1.6.2012, Seoul South Korea

"Snail Mail", Ottmar Bergmann, 21.5.2012

"Untitled", Kimberly @ Varykino, 4.5.2012. Lynden Washington

"Fluxus is dead", i'm a superhero and i can fly and shit, 2011, Iowa City Iowa

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