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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magical Postal Art from Erich Sündermann

In the past I have posted on this blog works by Erich Sündermann and also the collaboration here he did illustrations of a short story I wrote entitled "Fertig". Erich is based in Vienna Austria and as you can see does quite amazing ink drawings. All the work I have seen by him tends to be black and white but has quite a magical feel. The works seem to have a mesh of reality and this magical fantasy world that Erich creates which seems to tell a story.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany, 3.7.2012

"Untitled", 6.3.2012

(Add & Pass), collaboration of Erich Sündermann, Maurizia Carantani, Joao Alberto LUPIN, Paula J. Jesgarz, Marleen V Engelen, Stardust Memories & Ad Breedveld, 2012

"Shaman Showman", 17.2.2012

"Untitled", 16.1.2012

"Untitled", 28.10.2011

"Greetings From Vienna", 6.2.2012

"The Mountaineer", 13.4.2012

"Diana", 23.4.2012

"Untitled", 24.3.2012

"Untitled", 13.3.2012

For more info on Erich Sündermann check out this website:

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