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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Postal Alchemy from Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson does a wonderful array of collage works as well as other forms of postal art, sound art and video. Though he is known best in the postal art world for his collage work, which is much of the works you will see below. Based out of Clearwater, Florida Eric seems to mesh alchemy, eastern & western philosophy and sub culture such as punk rock into many of these pieces. Full of color and esoteric symbolism they are some of the most charged works I receive in the mail.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany, 8.7.2012

"Untitled", 24.6.2012

"Untitled", 19.4.2012

"Untitled", 6.1.2012

Group of Untitled works recieved in letter, 26.10.2012

"Collabrative Piece", sent by Eric Thompson, 26.10.2012

Group of Untitled works sent in letter, 1.3.2012

Group of Untitled works sent in letter, 7.2.2012

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