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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skulls, Monsters & Sex: Mail art from "HADDOCK"

"HADDOCK" is a bit of enigma to me but I have received a fair amount of mail from HADDOCK over the nearly the last two years. Most of the mail I get from this Eugene Oregon based artist seems to be usually a series of xerographs and sometimes small book/zines in an envelope. In past there has also been a hand full of postcards one of which I have posted in an early edition on this site. Sometimes the work of "HADDOCK" makes me think of a cross between, Hans Bellmer, Robert Crumb and Bobby Beausoleil works slammed into a northwest coast esoteric feel.

-David Stanley Aponte, Berlin Germany 12.7.2012

"letter", 2012

"Untitled", 2012

"Untitled", 2012

"Untitled", collabortion by HADDOCK & Gisele Marsaglia, 8.6.2011

"Mail Art, Three Openings", sent 2012

"postal sweaty, art", sent 2012

"letter", 23.1.2012

"Praying for Sewer Lizards", sent 23.1.2012

"Losing Faith", sent 23.1.2012

"get cool mail?", sent 23.1.2012

"HADDOCK's Art Hole, 9", sent 23.1.2012

"letter", 17.3.2012

"We, the HADDOCK, disrespectfully decline your invitation to the dupery!", sent 17.3.2012

"HADDOCK mail art", sent 17.3.2012

"Untitled", 17.3.2012

"Do What Thou Wilt", sent 17.3.2012

"letter", 7.11.2011

"Ode To HADDOCK", sent 7.11.2011

"Untitled", sent 7.11.2011

"Untitled", send 7.11.2011

"Numb Nuts",  sent 7.11.2011

"Untitled", sent 7.11.2011

"letter", 14.12.2011

"Untitled", sent 14.12.2011

"Untitled", collaboration by HADDOCK, Musicmaster & J.M. Bennett, sent 14.12.2011

"I make Dada with both hands", sent 14.12.2011

"Untitled", sent 14.12.2011

"receipt", HADDOCK, 12.12.2011

"Untitled", sent 14.12.2011

"Eerie Billy Haddock", sent 14.12.2011

"letter", 16.4.2012

"Untitled", sent 16.4.2012

"Mail art is HADDOCK", sent 16.4.2012

"Untitled", HADDOCK, sent 16.4.2012

"Making Mail Art", sent 16.4.2012

"Another and Another", sent 16.4.2012

"Untitled", sent 16.4.2012

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