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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NEWS from Hannover Germany!

Here is a new group of works by Angela Behrendt based out of Hannover Germany. I love how the use of sewing and textile are often used in her work and as you can see below there is a hand made patch of Alfed Jarry as well as graffiti found in Berlin Germany. Street art often is a theme that seems inspire Angela's works as well as the works of Hannover native artist Kurt Schwitters and the infamous American based postal artist Ray Johnson.

One of the last images in this group of postal art is Angela's rendition of a poster designed by Berlin based artist and animator Chris Eales. The poster was from a series of cinema nights that I curated at an artist cafe in Weissensee. One of the films we showed was Ed Woods "Glen or Glenda". Chris would make woodcut print movie posters for each of our film nights and I sent one to Angela Behrendt and she made this lovely postcard using color pen and sewing the outline. I feel it is a great tribute to the film as well as Chris Eales's work.

So you can find references to Ed Wood, Ray Johnson, Alfed Jarry and Berlin Street art among other things in these works but can you find a random picture of Noel Fielding on this page?

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 30.4.2013 12:47

NEWS 1st "Ray" noch Deutschland?, 9.12.2012

Street Art, 19.9.2012
Berlin Venus (Graffiti von 2007), 19.9.2012

Alfed Jarry, 24.9.2012

Letter, Angela Behrendt & A. Moreno, postdated 11.9.2012

Roses Are Red My Love, 11.9.2012

Teardrop, 11.9.2012

letter (Please send to Ray Johnson), 24.6.2012

Skull and Crossbones, 24.6.2012

Untitled, 24.6.2012

Angela Behrendt & David Stanley Aponte, add & pass, 24.6.2012

Apple (Kurt Schwitters), 10.8.2012

Rat, 29.7.2012

Male Art/Female Art, 17.10.2012

Schwarze Katze von links..., 21.8.2012

Untitled, 19.11.2012

Ab in die Pampa, 22.1.2013

Potatoes, 5.11.2012

Against Christmas consumption terror, 9.12.2012
Glen or Glenda, 31.10.2012

Monday, April 29, 2013

Straight out of Pahang...

Marni Zainodin is a postal artist based out of the Malaysian state Pahang. She is very prolific and keeps up well with art correspondence. Her work varies from collage work (like the two examples below), using leaves found objects or different earth colored papers. Marni also does city scape drawings of places she has been (which some of which I have posted in the past on this blog) and also drawings of plants and nature. I think I first got in contact with her through people in the "International Union of Mail Artists" (IOUMA).

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 29.4.2013 11:41

Untitled, Collage on cardboard, Highlands Malaysia, 4.9.2012

Postcard, Highlands Malaysia, 29.6.2012

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some Slices of Tofu

Some of the last pieces sent by "Tofu" from San Francisco California. You can find more about this postal artist at

I love the last collage made from an alteration of the Edward Hopper painting "Eleven am". Overall I am quite a fan of collage work and much of the works that "Tofu" does seem to be full with the energy that great collage pieces have.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 28.4.2013

Imagining Val Travel, 10.10.2012

Happy Holiday! 7.12.2012

From Map and Guide, 20.8.2012

GEOgraphicMAIL, 10.11.2012


Here is two more postcards sent from Edmund Kratzer of Catasauqua Pennsylvania. Funny thing is I knew Edmund from growing up as a kid in Catasauqua where my family lived till we moved to Chicago around 2003-2004. I must have gone to school with Edmund at Sheckler Elementary and Lincoln Middle School but many of my memories of these days are a bit hazy sometimes. I recently got in contact with him via Facebook after I moved to Berlin (along with many other people I knew from grade school). It is funny how much some people are so paranoid about facebook and using it but honestly it has been a great tool for me to get connected with friends and family whom normally I would not be in contact with as well as a tool to trade postal art with folks such as Edmund.

Now Edmund Kratzer is not a trained artist but I think the postcards he makes are very honest and quit cool. Anyhow we all know (or should know) how over rated the fine art world is anyhow so honest work like this are like gems to me in my archive.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 28.4.2012

22.8.2012 Catasauqua Pennsylvania

13.9.2012 Catasauqua Pennsylvania

What is this Artist Doing?

It has been awhile since I last updated the old postal art blog. In this time I have been sent so much mail that it will take awhile for me to catch up. I have been very busy with my studio art work and have been recovering from a broken leg and pelvis so this has give me little time to keep up witht he postal art world. In the meantime here is a couple postcards sent to me by D.C. Spaulding out of Lomita California.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin 28.4.2013

19.12.2012, Lomita California

20.11.2012, Lomita California