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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Here is two more postcards sent from Edmund Kratzer of Catasauqua Pennsylvania. Funny thing is I knew Edmund from growing up as a kid in Catasauqua where my family lived till we moved to Chicago around 2003-2004. I must have gone to school with Edmund at Sheckler Elementary and Lincoln Middle School but many of my memories of these days are a bit hazy sometimes. I recently got in contact with him via Facebook after I moved to Berlin (along with many other people I knew from grade school). It is funny how much some people are so paranoid about facebook and using it but honestly it has been a great tool for me to get connected with friends and family whom normally I would not be in contact with as well as a tool to trade postal art with folks such as Edmund.

Now Edmund Kratzer is not a trained artist but I think the postcards he makes are very honest and quit cool. Anyhow we all know (or should know) how over rated the fine art world is anyhow so honest work like this are like gems to me in my archive.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 28.4.2012

22.8.2012 Catasauqua Pennsylvania

13.9.2012 Catasauqua Pennsylvania

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