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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lothar Trott and some more "DOKU"

Here are some works sent to me by Lothar Trott in the last year. I have featured him many times before on this blog so this is just another handful of stuff sent to me while living here in Berlin that I haven't posted till now. He is based out of Zürich Switzerland and the works often are collage and digital print collage featuring themes of Fluxus artists and mail artists. Artists Ray Johnson and Joseph Beuys are often pictured and spoken about. He has also done a series of art booklet/zine/flyers called "DOKU" which seem to document art sent to him as well as collaborative works with other postal artists (you can see my name comes up many times on these "DOKU" flyers).

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 15.5.2013

Knows all about FLUXUS, sent 10.10.2012

Occupy Wallstreet, sent 12.9.2012

David Stanley Aponte & Lothar Trott, Sub- #5241, Zürich Switzerland, sent 23.8.2012

DOKU 11, Zürich Switzerland, sent 24.10.2012

envelope, sent 16.9.2012

Doku 10, Zürich Switzerland, sent 16.9.2012

envelope, sent 15.7.2012

Doku 9, Zürich Switzerland, sent 15.7.2012

envelope, sent 22.7.2012

Untitled, sent 22.7.2012

Mailart- Ray J. Visit Deutschland Doing Actions, sent 22.7.2012

Zerbrechlich! works from Elke Grundmann

Here are postal artwork from Berlin based Elke Grundmann. I have been in contact with Elke since I lived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania but of course being in the same country now makes it much easier and more affordable to respond to each other through the post. Elke Grundmann is very important for the postal art movement as a veteran postal artist, archivist and collector of works of some of the most important postal artists. Most of the works below are collage work which some of my favorite are the alterations of old postcards (like the first one posted). I myself like collecting vintage postcards and in the past I often bought mine at an antique store in Lancaster Pennsylvania on Queen Street called "Charlies & Rev Chi Antiques", which many of those postcards I purchased in Lancaster I sent to Elke.  The postcard entitled "A Part of my Artwork" (the image of a Xerox of Elke Grundmann's hand" was featured on the cover "Pense Aqui - Rivista de Arte Postal" (No 400 - De 10 a 16.1.2013),  which is a Brazilian based Zine published by José Roberto Sechi.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 14.5.2013

Untitled (Nordsee?), sent 20.1.2013

Untitled (Munster/Sample), sent 30.11.2012

Untitled (Nr. 689), sent 30.1.2013

Untitled (beu), sent 24.11.2012

A Part of my Artwork, sent 6.10.2012

Okay Havel Radweg, sent 10.7.2012

Jar 32, sent 15.9.2012

Untitled (...I was going to another Mecca - the art week in Berlin...), sent 12.10.2012

Merry Christmas + A happy new 2013!, sent 21.12.2012

Zerbrechlich!, sent 14.8.2012

Frisch Geschnitten, sent 17.10.2012

ng diese UNBEDINGT auf urs vermerken, sent 3.11.2012

Greetings, sent 28.10.2012

Fragile!, sent 2.7.2012

Gesperrt, sent 28.8.2012

Happy New Year, sent 7.1.2013

envelope, sent 21.11.2012

Rest, sent 21.11.2012

Vorsicht Glas!, sent 21.11.2012

Elke Grundmann, Jose Nogueira, Gisele Marsaglia, Add & Pass (support Pussy Riot), sent from Berlin Germany,  21.11.2012

Elke Grundmann, Jose Nogueira, Gisele Marsaglia, Add & Pass, sent from Berlin Germany, 21.11.2012