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Friday, May 10, 2013

Christian Pietzke: A history in postcards

This is quite a large group of only postcards sent to me by the postal artist Christian Pietzke. Christian and I have been in contact through the mail for over two years now but after I moved to Berlin it make it easier and more affordable to stay in contact. I have received more mail from him then anyone else, so this collection is only perhaps about a quarter of what I have from him in the last year and a half. Christian often sends out his postal art from Prenzlauerberg in Berlin where he has lived for over 30 years in the same apartment building but sometimes he sends stuff from Halle Germany where his father lives when he visits him. The work has a great broad range of color and is style may fluctuate based on the seasons from abstract works, collage and comic like drawings of people in the city of Berlin and often humorous self portraits. In this group featured below there are 10 postcards that have the theme of Germany history which is quite energetic and Christian knows the huge interest I have in history in general so they are a nice gift. In the past I have often featured Christian's work and I suggest you check out some of the other posts in the past of his work. Since there is so many pieces I have make groups to upload on the blog so you will see yet more in the future from Christian Pietzke on this blog.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 8.5.2013

The New Year 2012, sent 4.1.2012

Untitled (Berlin), sent 13.1.2012

Mode made in Berlin (?), sent 18.1.2012

Marx und Engels, sent 14.2.2012

11 Uhr Winter in Berlin, sent 18.2.2012

Untitled, sent  28.3.2012

Untitled, sent 19.4.2012

Summer in April (I), Berlin, sent 28.4.2012

Summer in April (II), Berlin, sent 28.4.2012

Waiting for the next summer in the city, Berlin, sent 10.6.2012

Stawberrytime, sent 13.6.2012

Deep Purple vinyl- Fireball in Memoriam of Jon Lord, sent 16.6.2012

The sun is rising, sent 20.7.2012

Summer in the City, Berlin, sent 26.7.2012

Untitled, sent 18.8.2012

35 degrees C, Berlin, sent 19.8.2012

Untitled, sent 24.8.2012

Untitled, sent 5.9.2012

Kunststück, sent 18.9.2012

Untitled, sent 19.9.2012

1965-2012, Berlin, sent 24.9.2012

Number 2 (Fernsehturm), Berlin, sent 4.10.2012

Untitled, Berlin, sent 10.10.2012

History I, sent 11.10.2012

History II, sent 12.10.2012

History III, sent 17.10.2012

History IV, sent 20.10.2012

History V, sent 22.10.2012

History VI, sent 28.10.2012

History VII, sent 30.10.2012

History VIII, sent 3.11.2012

History IX, sent 8.11.2012

History X, sent 16.11.2012

November 2012, sent 19.11.2012

Edgar Froese live 1976, sent 26.11.2012

Happy Birthday to you, Berlin, sent 29.11.2012

The First Snow, Berlin, sent 2.12.2012

Winter in Berlin, sent 29.12.2012

Neil Young V, sent 4.1.2013

New Faces, sent 12.1.2013

Neil Young VI, sent 15.1.2013

We Want Sunshine, sent 26.1.2013

Make Love Not War, sent 2.2.2013

Untitled, sent 26.3.2013

Spring is coming next..., Berlin, sent 4.4.2013

Untitled, sent 15.4.2013

Untitled, sent 3.5.2013

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