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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From the Dortmund Banana Underground!!!

 Here a great group of postcards sent to me by Wolfgang Skodd, based out of Dortmund Germany. I have been in correspondence with Wolfgang since I was living in Philadelphia but since I moved to Berlin it made it easier and more affordable for us to respond more often. He keeps a great mail art blog of his own called Banana Underground which features postal art from around the world as well.

 -David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 4.5.2013

Polizeigewalt gegen Demonstraten, Quelle: Amnesty Journal, 1.2013, sent 2.2013

Ich liebe Amerika und Amerika liebt mich, sent 2012

Selbstbildnis als Nutella-Glas: "Der Eindringling" vom Flickr-User Littlepois, sent 15.6.2012

Throw Away Your Television, sent 2012

Fluxux Dortmund Nord, +++FREE THE ART+++, sent 4.10.2012

Burroughs 1959 in der Serie "Danger 2 von Brion Gysin, sent 2012

Banana Underground, sent 29.10.2012

Banana Underground, 12.10.2012

Give Peace a Chance, sent 6.8.2012

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