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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

om mani padme hum!

This is a great group of postcard collage from Eric Thompson of Clearwater Florida. Some of them are orginal collage works and others are digital prints or alterations of digital prints. Most of the cards have often an inspiration of Buddhist and Hindu spirituality mixed with images of American sub-cultures. One postcard is a found postcard image of Guantanamo Bay Cuba Observation tower at Kittery Beach Cliff which is quite a random Americana find. What is always nice is that Thompson writes a nice little note on the back of each postcard and since we have been corresponding for quite some time now we have been able to keep a little bit of tabs on each other.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin 7.5.2013

Untitled, sent 12.9.2012

Untitled, sent 9.11.2012

Untitled, sent 16.10.2012

Greetings from Guantanamo Bay Cuba Observation tower at Kittery Beach Cliff, sent 14.6.2012

Untitled, sent 31.7.2012

Untitled, sent 14.6.2012

Journey to Alien Worlds through secret Symbols and Sacred Art, sent 30.11.2012

Untitled, sent 29.9.2012

Untitled, sent 18.2.2013

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