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Friday, May 3, 2013

Spaß Fluxus aus Münster

Uli Grohmann is a postal artist based out of Münster Germany. Is works are often made from digital prints and stamps are really great and interesting works to me that often reflect Fluxus aspects. I have posted interesting works by him in the past a few times on this blog, and all the works he has sent me are really cool to me in some way or another.

The first postcard is an alteration of a postcard I sent Uli after I was in Amsterdam and saw the Rembrandt painting "The Night Watch". Uli writes on the back of his postcard about the Night watch "I remember to have seen the Night Watch three times. The last time the canvas was saved by bullet-proof glass. The previous time it was protected by a barrier made out of stretched ropes about two meters in front of the painting. And by the first time it was forbidden to approach the picture... those were the days...", despite of he mild grammar mistakes it is an interesting observation on how security around the painting has increased at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. When I saw it it had museum ropes and a security guard sitting on a stool watching the people watch the painting. They must have a Night watch for the Night watch I imagine.

One of the humorous pieces is the postcard with Amy Winehouse with a bunch of bananas. On the other side of the postcard there is rubber stamp of a image of the statue "Laocoön and His Sons" but instead of the head of Laocoön it has the classic head of Che Guevara. The collaborative "add and pass" i did with Uli has another Amy Winehouse with bananas along with one of manipulations of a Van Gogh self portrait.

-David Stanley Aponte, Weissensee Berlin, 3.5.2013 16:49

The Night Watch, 11.10.2012

Nerzissmus Weltweit, 2012

ariton Mitgl.-Nr 132300, 2012

There is nothing to be said against fluxus privided that it is performed orderly, 10.9.2012

letter, sent 27.8.2012

Uli Grohmann & David Stanley Aponte, Add & Pass, 27.8.2012

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