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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Unusual World of Truman Bentley Jr. on DVD

For years now I have been corresponding and receiving mail from Truman Bentley Jr. of Columbus Georgia. I know little about the man himself but he often sends these small packets with self made DVD's that seem to feature anything from documentaries about the occult, sections of B films, home videos (possibly made by Truman or someone else), clips that seem to be from local commercials and public access TV. As mail art it is hard to document each one of these but I found when I view these customized DVDs it is good to try to take what I feel are some of the best stills to describe what it is on it. Here is some shots of one of many DVDs from Truman sent this year and in future there will be many more of these to be seen on this blog.

-David Stanley Aponte, 26.6.2014, Indianapolis Indiana

envelope, Truman Bentley Jr., sent in 2014, Columbus Georgia

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