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Friday, August 1, 2014

Mail Bag from the archives!

Here is another group of mail art that was selected at random from the undocumented piles in the archive. Slowly there will be more but it seems the mail comes faster always then what I can upload and file.

-David Stanley Aponte, 1.August.2014, Bethlehem Pennsylvania


Untitled, Schoeling, 27.5.2014, Albuquerque New Mexico

 Marguerite E Keen

Untitled (Controlled Mayhem to Dazzle & Delight), Marguerite E Keen, 4.6.2014, Lancaster Pennsylvania

  Bob and Mary Gamble
"Hearts are everywhere", Bob and Mary Gamble, 2014, Milford Michigan

 Burt Wolf
Untitled (flyers and paper), sent by Burt Wolf, 8.4.2014, Lakeland Florida

 Amy Irwin

Untitled, Amy Irwin, 4.4.2014, Rosemont Minnesota

 Test Tower

Fluxus Affair, Test Tower, 2014, Centralia Washington

 Dr. Art Jones

Untitled (Library Copy), Dr. Art Jones, 24.6.2014, Oklahoma City Oklahoma


Untitled, Haddock, 2014, Eugene Oregon

 Robert Askew

Untitled, Robert Askew, 2014, Pasadena California

 Private World

Untitled, Private World, 11.6.2014, Phoenix Arizona

 Judy Staroscik

58 Teeth and a Killer Smile, Judy Staroscik, 20.6.2014, Manchester Missouri

 Rose Becard
Untitled, Rose Becard, 15.6.2014, Minneapolis Minnesota

 Tibs Ribs

Untitled, Tibs Ribs, 2014, Rockdale Wisconsin

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